We saw around 250 people from lots of different backgrounds and groups coming together to Give a Day. It was humbling, inspiring and exciting to see just how much can get done when passionate generous people come together with a dream for the city.

There is a story of a lady called Barbara who is house bound for many different reasons and she said that she felt forgotten and that nobody cared. Through Give a Day we were able to bring hope to her home. A small team gathered to decorate her home, share stories and have lots of tea. She is blown away by the kindness of the city.

The list is long for all the things that we got up to. But there is a growing sense that we are only scratching the surface!Andy Fearon, Founder Give a Day to the City, #GiveaDayCarlisle

There were many projects within the generous “Streets” element of #GiveaDayCarlisle. Many more than Carlisle Ambassadors were involved – loads of communities joined in, and much was achieved. Just see what Andy says above about the difference made to Barbara!

#GiveaDay Streets Carlisle Ambassadors WebsiteIn addition, hampers were delivered to all hospital work stations to thank the staff for all their hard work. Local companies contributed, people worked hard to make them up and then an awesome team took them from floor to floor!